VA Quality Daycare/Preschool Rating Standards

Ready for School. Ready for Life.
90% of a child's brain has developed by age five.

Selecting quality child care is important.

Virginia Quality is a system to improve the quality of child care and early learning programs.  Participating providers voluntarily agree to high quality and improvement through a process that assesses, improves, and communicates the level of quality.

Soon the Virginia Star Quality Initiative will have a new look, a new name and new quality standards that recognize the key role of early learning in improving child outcomes.  For a preview, visit

Virginia’s Quality Rating and Improvement System is going through some major changes.  Based on research and feedback from stakeholders across the state, we have revised our standards to be more focused on children’s learning and better encourage continuous quality improvement. View a summary of the new standards.

To learn more about the programs that were previously rated under the Virginia Star Quality Initiative, click here.